What NOT to say in an interview

People are often quite brutally honest in an interview and will tell the interviewer exactly how they are feeling. This is great, if they were your psychologist and if you were not being judged on absolutely everything that you say. The interviewer is going to try dig into what kind of person you are and it is pretty easy to determine based on a few of the answers you have given.

Here are a few tips of things to NOT say in an interview:

  • Do not bad mouth your previous boss or previous company, it doesn’t matter how bad it was.
  • Do not immediately bring up things like leave days and salary
  • Do not go into too much detail about how colourful your past was, touch on the points that you feel are relevant but do not harp on the negatives
  • NEVER use bad language in an interview, it doesn’t matter if the interviewer cusses first.
  • What is your greatest weakness? try come up with a better answer than “I am a perfectionist”
  • If you are going to use the classic “go to” lines in an interview like “I think out the box” try back it up with an actual example.
  • Don’t tell the interviewer how you are an entrepreneur and are wanting to start your own company in the next 2 years, it is very unlikely that you will get an offer.


The first interview is always about getting the interviewer and the company to love you, once they really like you and want you then it is much easier to try negotiate anything.

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