Never Accept a Counter Offer – Here’s Why:

Counter offers are often tough to decline as your company is trying their hardest to keep you. It can make a candidate feel quite flattered, having all this fuss made over them. The bottom line when a company makes a counter offer is that they are looking after themselves, they are protecting their own interests. It is incredibly difficult in a skill short market to find a suitable replacement immediately and the company would often need to enlist the service of a recruitment agency to help them find a replacement, this costs money. It is cheaper and easier for an employer to offer that candidate a few thousand rand more every month to entice them to stay.

Training new staff on the various software and systems is time consuming and a new employee will often only add value 6 months to 1 year into their employment. These are things that may disrupt an entire team within a company and your employer knows it.

Here are 3 reasons why you should not accept a counter offer:

  1. The trust between employer and employee is broken, your boss knows that you wanted to leave. The relationship will never be the same again. You will be overlooked for promotions and bonuses, why would the company reward you for wanting to leave?
  2. Your company is going to phase you out in their own time, they would rather bring somebody new into the company than have somebody constantly on the brink of leaving. This allows the company to begin the recruitment process and find a suitable candidate prior to them making things difficult for you until you leave.
  3. The company is going to find out why you were wanting to leave in the first place, it may be for more money as they were underpaying you, it may be because you are not learning anything new or you are feeling like there is no career growth. Whatever the reason may be, having them offer you more money is not going to solve the underlying problem, it is just going to cover the wound like a band aid.
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